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Racing Simulator Compact | MOZA Racing

Racing Simulator Compact | MOZA Racing

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Steering Wheel Upgrade

This Race Sim is most suitable for home use, as it's a very compact setup that contains everything you need to get started. It will be shipped to you in a crate, fully assembled, ready to use!

R9 Base
9 Nm Torque
Direct Drive servo motor
Settings configurable through the MOZA app

CRP Pedals
3 Stage Clutch
CNC Aluminum Pedal Assembly
Adjustable Angle
High-Precision Pressure Sensor

CS Wheel (Included)
Aviation grade aluminum alloy frame
Customized quick release
Photoelectric shifters with carbon fiber paddles
RGB Sequential shifter light indicator
Programmable mechanical key buttons

(Optional upgrade to GS, RS or FSR wheel) 

GS Wheel
Microfiber Leather
Forged carbon fibre framework & shift paddles
Magnetic shift paddles
Magnetic and photoelectric sensor
Programmable mechanical keyboards buttons
Customized quick release
RGB shift indicator

RS Wheel
13 Inch Standard Racing Rim
Genuine Leather Grip
Forged Carbon Fibre & Aluminum Construction
In-built Quick Release
LED RGB Rev Light
Carbon Fibre Magnetic Shifters
Ergonomic Design

FSR Wheel
Perforated Leather Grips
Formula style wheel
Carbon Fiber
Magnetic Dual Clutch Paddles
4.3-inch Built-in Digital Dash
Quick Release from Real Racing
Customizable RGB RPM and Shift Indicator

CM Dash 
5 inch
HD dash
7 different styles
60 Hz

PC 3060 

Base Compact 
Very strong aluminium rig + mount for 1 monitor.

GT Seat (with sliders)
Seat is made of polyester-glass laminates – monolithic construction. Upholstered in black 3d-mesh velour with stitched logos. Comes with removable lumbar and leg support. 

34" Ultrawide Monitor



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