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Quicksilver Exhaust Audi R8 V10 Titan Sport with Sound Architect™ (2016-19)

Quicksilver Exhaust Audi R8 V10 Titan Sport with Sound Architect™ (2016-19)

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What is the Sound Architect™?

Have you ever had the need, or want, to turn your Sport exhaust's sound down to a more discreet level? Or, to make it race car loud - at the touch of a button?

With QuickSilver’s Sound Architect™, they provide you, the driver, with a personal choice – allowing you to select the appropriate soundtrack for your car and tailor that sound to suit the moment.

For your vehicle, they have analyzed the sound to determine which elements should be suppressed and enhanced. The result is a superior exhaust note that amplifies the pleasure of driving.

QuickSilver's Sound Architect™ comprises two separate gas paths and an electronic valve to determine which is taken - Sport or Refined. This valve is controlled either by the QuickSilver Sound Architect™ APP, on the driver's smart device, or in many cases integrated into the car's existing controls.

Where appropriate, the sound module connects to an existing accessory socket and is then controlled wirelessly via the Sound Architect™ APP - there is no intrusion into any of the car's existing systems - It could not be simpler.

The QuickSilver Sound Architect™ systems are truly 'plug & play'. 


The Active Valve version gives you the ability to tailor your sound to match the environment.

At lower engine speeds they can produce a wonderful deep tone, with volume and pitch increasing in direct proportion to rpm climaxing in a robust race car howl at the red line.

These systems have a Titanium silencer and thin-gauge Stainless Steel tube to achieve a combination of the lightest possible weight with strength and durability.



• Wonderful deep muscle-rich sound.

• Titanium silencer casing for weight reduction.

• Active Valves.

• Improved throttle response.

• Retains original tips to keep the look.





37 kilos ~ 81.5 lbs

18 kilos ~ 39.6 lbs



Active Valves - Designed for the everyday and long distance driver, can be refined or sporty when required to match your drive. 

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