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Mosselman Oil Thermostat BMW N55/S55

Mosselman Oil Thermostat BMW N55/S55

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Installation Kit (Gasket & 2x O-ring) + €25,41
Installation bolts Titanium + €25,41

Note: The Oil Thermostat Installation kit prevents the thermostat from leaking and is highly recommended when installing the Mosselman Oil Thermostat. The kit includes 2 x O-ring for the oil hose and 1x rubber oil filter housing gasket. We highly advise you to add it to your order. 

The BMW N55 and S55 engines are no strangers to oil cooling problems, that’s why we recommend installing the Mosselman Oil Thermostat. Instead of opening at 105°C (220°F), the Mosselman Oil Thermostat opens at 85°C (185°F) which results in an operational oil temperature 20°C (68°F) lower than OEM. *Exact temperatures can differ slightly depending on the engine type.

Installing the Mosselman Oil Thermostat ensures a cooler oil temperature which will result in more stable performance, but above all this improves the reliability of the engine. A highly recommended upgrade for the N55, and S55 engines, especially when they’re tuned.

The Thermostat is plug-and-play and made out of a solid block of high-grade aluminum at our own facility. It is equipped with a real thermostat, not an always open solution. The oil will still reach the operating temperature at the same time as a stock thermostat.

Finish the look of your Mosselman Oil Thermostat with the optional Titanium Bolt Installation Set. GR5 Titanium, M8x25.


  • 20°C Lower Than Stock
    Operating temperature 20°C lower than stock.
  • Real Thermostat
    Equipped with a real thermostat, not an always open solution. (for use in hot and cold climates)
  • Rock Solid Housing
    Made out of a solid block of high-grade aluminum.
  • Quick Installation
    Takes only 30 minutes to install.
Compatibility Mosselman Oil Thermostat N55 Type Engine
BMW M135i F20/F21 N55
BMW M235i F22 N55
BMW M2 F87 N55
BMW 335i F30/F31 N55
BMW 335i GT F34 N55
BMW 435i  F32/F33 N55
BMW 435i Gran Coupe F36 N55


Compatibility Mosselman Oil Thermostat S55 Type Engine
BMW 335i Active Hybrid F30 N55
BMW M2 Competition F87 S55
BMW M3 F8x S55
BMW M3 Competition F80 S55
BMW M3 CS F80 S55
BMW M4 F8x S55
BMW M4 Competition F82 S55
BMW M4 CS F82 S55
BMW M4 GTS F82 S55
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