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LEIB | BMW G8x M3/M4 (Competition) CAT and/or OPF Delete kit PRO

LEIB | BMW G8x M3/M4 (Competition) CAT and/or OPF Delete kit PRO

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LEIB OPF DELETER - remove the OPF, keep engine stock software.

CAT and/or OPF delete package for your BMW to mechanically remove the catalyst and/or OPF (gasoline particulate filter) without software adjustment. Plug & Play installation in about 60 minutes without cutting or soldering. 


PRO = Extra functions to personalize the your BMW, such as:
 MIL Delete (like CAN-MIL Delete)
 Controlling the valves (open, closed, like stock)
 The valves are controlled with the exhaust button, sport button or steering wheel buttons
 Start-Stop system ON or OFF
 Staging (activate REV and km/h once from left to right)
 Temperature Gauge displays various temperatures in the odometer (oil, air, coolant etc.)
 Burbles OFF only
 Cold-start ON or OFF
 Flashlight | A lightning thunderstorm can be activated by briefly pressing high beam

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