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EVOLUTION M | Magnetic Paddle Shifters | All F and G series BMW

EVOLUTION M | Magnetic Paddle Shifters | All F and G series BMW

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Give your shifts that motorsport quality feel and feedback with our magnetic paddle shifters. These shifters are derived from motorsport and give you that satisfactory feel when you shift manually. No longer that empty and plastic feeling from your OEM shifters.

These shifters are straight bolt on and require no soldering or coding! 

Available for all major M and non M models for BMW F and G generation (and A90 Supra). Check the list below for compatibility with your car

- Cnc aluminium 

- Carbon shift paddles (2 different styles included)  

- Neodymium magnets 

- Hardware and tools included 

 Suitable for the following G series + A90 Supra

M Series G80/G81/G82/G83/G87

1 Series F40

2 Series G42/F44

3 Series G20/G21/G28

4 Series G22/G23/G26

5 Series G30/G31/G38/F90 M5

7 Series G11/G12

8 Series G14/G15/G16/F91 M8/F92 M8

X Series G01/G08/ F97 X3M/F98 X4M/G05/F95XM/G06/F96X6M/G07

Supra A90


Suitable for the following F series:

1 Series F20/F21/F52

2 Series F22/F23/F45/F46

3 Series F30/F31/F34/F35

4 series F32/F33/F36 Gran Coupe

M Models F80/F82/F83/F87

X Models F48/F49/F25/F26/F15/F85/F16/F86

Also suited for i8

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