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EVOLUTION M | BMW G8x M2 / M3 / M4 Downpipes (catless or 200 cell)

EVOLUTION M | BMW G8x M2 / M3 / M4 Downpipes (catless or 200 cell)

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Catless or 200 cell

 Elevate the performance of your BMW G8x with our premium set of downpipes, available with or without a catalytic converter. Crafted to perfection, these downpipes are designed to enhance your vehicle’s exhaust flow, boosting horsepower and torque while delivering an exhilarating driving experience. Engineered for precision fitment and longevity, our downpipes are the ultimate upgrade for discerning BMW enthusiasts. 

Please note: installing either of these downpipes requires an ECU flash to eliminate the check engine light.

Downpipes with Catalytic Converter:


  • High-Flow Catalytic Converter: Our downpipes are equipped with a high-flow 200 cell catalytic converter that reduces back pressure and improves exhaust flow without compromising on driving comfort and sound. 
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Made from high-quality stainless steel and equipped with heat shielding, these downpipes are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Direct Fit: Designed specifically for the BMW M3 G8x, these downpipes offer a seamless installation with no modifications required.


  1. Enhanced Performance: Experience noticeable gains in horsepower and torque thanks to improved exhaust flow.
  2. Refined Sound: Achieve a sportier exhaust note without excessive noise, ideal for daily driving.
  3. Longevity: High-quality materials ensure these downpipes withstand the rigors of high-performance driving.

Downpipes without Catalytic Converter:


  • Straight-Pipe Design: These downpipes feature a straight-pipe design that eliminates the catalytic converter, offering maximum exhaust flow and performance gains, perfect for ultimate tuning potential.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Constructed from premium stainless steel for superior strength and durability.


  1. Maximum Power Gains: Unleash the full potential of your BMW M3 G8x with significant increases in horsepower and torque.
  2. Unrestricted Flow: The absence of a catalytic converter allows for unrestricted exhaust flow, reducing back pressure and enhancing engine efficiency.
  3. Aggressive Sound: Enjoy a more aggressive and pronounced exhaust note, perfect for track enthusiasts seeking an immersive driving experience.
  4. Weight Reduction: Removing the catalytic converter reduces weight, contributing to better overall vehicle performance.

Why Choose Our Downpipes? Our downpipes for the BMW M3 G8x are the result of meticulous engineering and craftsmanship. Whether you opt for the high-flow catalytic converter version or the straight-pipe design, you’ll benefit from enhanced performance, superior build quality, and a fitment that’s tailored to your vehicle. Upgrade your exhaust system today and transform your driving experience with the unmatched performance and sound of our premium downpipes. 

Installation Note: For optimal performance and to ensure emissions compliance, professional installation is recommended. Please verify local emissions regulations before installing downpipes without a catalytic converter.

Conclusion: Unlock the true potential of your BMW M3 G8x with our expertly crafted downpipes. Choose the version that best suits your driving style and needs, and experience the perfect blend of power, sound, and quality.

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