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Fi Exhaust | BMW G8x M3/M4 (Competition) Cat-back Exhaust System

Fi Exhaust | BMW G8x M3/M4 (Competition) Cat-back Exhaust System

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BMW G8x M3/M4 (Competition) Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) high-performance valvetronic exhaust system is direct replacement bolt on system manufactured out of a high-grade T304 stainless steel that offers an exhilarating soundtrack.

The Fi EXHAUST system is designed with a valvetronic technology to control airflow, sound volume and enhance the overall performance and torque. On average horsepower is expected to increase 5-10% after installing a full catless system, which includes a valvetronic catback and ultra-high flow downpipe.

When valves are closed exhaust gasses are routed through the muffler resulting in a low-profile comfortable drive. However, when the valves are fully open an intense and sporty soundtrack is produced.

Switching between street and race sound profiles can be done using factory exhaust/sport button or drive mode.

The unique sound and performance for BMW G80 M3 / Competition is achieved through individually designed muffler internals that are fabricated to offer an ultimate driving experience.

Please note each part of the Fi EXHAUST system needs to be ordered separately.
Different exhaust parts are offered depending on the vehicle version.

Please note that the actual product may vary in appearance depending on the year of the car and area. The exhaust system is also subject to changes to the design over an extended time period. Product pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Catback Exhaust:

OPF Version:
Front Pipe + Mid X-Pipe + Valvetronic Muffler + Quad Silver Tips (Compatible with OEM elect. Valve and Driving modes: Comfort/Sport/Sport Plus)
No Remote Control Included

Downpipes (Available in our store):
1.Ultra High Flow DownPipe 
2.Sport 200 cell DownPipe 

1.Quad Tips in Titanium Blue are heat colored to achieve a beautiful color transition from silver to blue and purple color combination.

2.Quad Tips in Diamond Black. After electroplating and double polishing process a shiny and glossy color surface is achieved on diamond black tips. Each tip is engraved with Fi EXHAUST logo.

3.Quad Tips in Gold. After electroplating and double polishing process a shiny and gold color surface is achieved on gold tips. Each tip is engraved with Fi EXHAUST logo.

4.Quad Tips with Carbon Fiber. Made out of a high-grade carbon fiber that can withstand high temperatures. The inserts come standard in silver.

Additional costs may be charged by Customs upon arrival in your country.

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