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BMW M Performance | OEM Limited Slip Differential

BMW M Performance | OEM Limited Slip Differential

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The BMW M Performance limited slip differential is a mechanical rear axle differential that replaces the original one with the aim of reducing wheel slip when one of the wheels has less grip. The limited slip differential ensures that the power is delivered to  the wheel with the most grip, ensuring better traction and handling than with a conventional differential This technology from the M models is now available for vehicles with the B58 engine with automatic transmission or vehicles with N55 or B58 with manual transmission

The M Performance limited slip differential optimizes traction and ensures even more controllable and precise driving behavior in all situations. A valuable addition to a sporty driving style or track driving. The clutch-type mechanical differential features a 30% lockup on acceleration and 9% lockup on deceleration. The differential works with the existing DSC system to provide excellent traction wet or dry.

- Optimal power distribution of power over the rear wheels
- Improved traction, earlier acceleration possible in corners, without loss of traction
- Power more manageable
- Original BMW part and quality, warranty remains valid when installed by a BMW Partner
- 1 on 1 interchangeable with normal differential, making it relatively easy to exchange if the car is resold
- Maintenance-free
- i=2.81, 215W

AUTOMATIC version is suitable for the following models with a B58 engine and an Automatic gearbox or a Sport Automatic gearbox:

  • F20LCI, F21LCI M140i B58 and M140iX B58
  • F22, F22LCI, F23, F23LCI M240i B58
  • F30LCI, F31LCI 340i B58
  • F32, F32LCI, F33, F33LCI, F36, F36LCI 440i B58

Part number: 33108659989

MANUAL version is suitable for the following models with an N55 or B58 engine with a Manual gearbox:

  • F20/F21 M135i N55
  • F20LCI, F21LCI  M140i B58
  • F22/F23 M135i N55
  • F22LCI/F23LCI,  M240i B58

Part number: 33108659987

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