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SWAN Carbon Fiber Strut Brace | BMW G8x M3/M4

SWAN Carbon Fiber Strut Brace | BMW G8x M3/M4

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The SWAN Carbon Fiber Strut Tower Braces are the ultimate no compromise solution to the OEM Steel strut tower brace on the G8x M3 and M4. Fits all G8x models (M3, M4 Coupe, M4 Convertible). Plug & Play kit, super easy to install. 

Made from pre-preg (dry carbon) carbon fiber, sourced and produced in the UK. This results in the optimal resin to carbon ratio for strength and lightness. 

The strut brace is finished with a Porsche-certified clear coat applied in three stages to ensure a perfect surface finish.

Ships inside a wooden crate for optimal protection.

(Pictures of M3 G80 include Armaspeed Carbon Intake + slam panel from our shop)

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